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How to measure when sewing curtains or drapes

Each seamstress or tailor does a lot of hard work to prepare curtains or curtains for a house or for the project. As a beginner, you can find this extremely confusing and it may take time to understand how you are supposed to administer the curtain fabric and how to administer it on the table. These are definitely the kind of questions that every beginner should have in mind.
We understand how frustrating it can be when the project is about to begin, but at the time of taking measurements or cutting it is going through certain problems. It can also be a bit complicated when you are sewing it on the best-qualified sewing machines for beginners. Today we offer you the maximum solutions on how you can accurately measure the curtain fabric.
How to measure when sewing curtains or drapes

Width measurement:

Definitely, when preparing a curtain or a curtain, your main concern should be how you will measure the fabric accurately. In this case, you can use two types of tricks. One is that you can measure the window assembly with the help of a tape measure. In this way, you can cut the curtain in a perfect way and you will not make any mistakes.
The second trick is that you can remove the curtain rod over the window and keep it on the fabric. Now you can mark on the garment and now you can analyze what the size of the curtain or curtain you want in your home should be. Place the measuring tape first on the bar and then on the fabric, double-check if the measurement is good or not, once you are satisfied, start cutting the curtain.

Measuring length:

The best way to measure the length of the curtain is to be there physically. There are also two ways through which you can have a precise length of the curtains or curtains you want in your home. It would be nice if you have someone to help you because when you take action, you must hold it from the top.
Take a stool and reach the height where the curtain hung. Keep the tape measure in that place and ask your partner to hold the tape measure below. You can have a perfect curtain or curtain length in this way since you have really measured the height of the place. There will be no problem when cutting or measuring.
Another trick you can do to measure the length of the curtain or curtains is to take help from the previous curtains. Hang them up and see if they are accurate in size or if you need to make some amendments. If the previous curtain was perfect, keep that curtain on your fabric and mark the measurements. Double-check if you have marked the right place or not?

Ring size:

So, if you have a ring holder in your home, you should also take a ring size. Incorrect ring size can make your curtain or curtain shorter in length and can alter your entire project. In this case, you should increase the length of half an inch of the curtain or decrease the size of the ring.
Usually, people now prefer to adjust the ring rods in their homes because of the ease or when removing the curtains from the rod and hanging them without any help. You don't need any special machines to sew curtains or curtains, but you can do all the work with the best beginner sewing machine you can easily find in online stores.
Sewing curtain using a sewing machine for beginners
For the size of the ring, I prefer the Vernier clamp. To get the exact size and make sure you are making the correct holes in your curtain according to the size of the bar, you must calibrate. Take an exact size with the help of a gauge and then start making holes. It would be good if you increase the half-inch of the curtain or a curtain while cutting it to avoid length conflicts.

Analyze the fabric:

One thing you should always keep in mind is to analyze the fabric you are choosing to make a curtain or a curtain. It is important to prepare the fabric too. In some cases, as a beginner, the seamstress cuts and sews the curtain or a curtain for the windows, but when after a while they wash it, it will shrink and its measurements will be wasted.
I recommend following the manufacturer's guidelines. Some people like to sew the curtains of the net, while others like to prepare curtains of thick material. In this case, you should ask the person about the fabric when you buy it or always wash it before starting your work. It is necessary to iron the fabric so that there are no wrinkles at the time of cutting.
Due to wrinkles in the fabric, people stretch and when they finish the cut, they realize that it is not a straight line. This is going to be a great disaster for you when you start working on any project without analyzing the type of fabric you are working with.


The manufacture of curtains and curtains is not as easy as it seems. As a beginner, you should also consult the configuration of your sewing machine and, to obtain the guide, you can consult The mandatory reading guide to the best first sewing machine for beginners Comments and comparison. As a beginner, double check when you are about to start sewing a curtain or when you are done with the measurements.
To avoid problems at this stage, we just want to advise you to always double-check your measurements and prepare the fabric.



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